Kjtilse Original Lightroom App Presets (Mobile)

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Kjtilse Original Lightroom App Presets (Mobile)


The Kjtilse Lightroom presets are finally available for purchase. 15 Presets Cultivated by Content Creator and professional photographer, Kurt Tilse.

These presets are used by Kjtilse and Sarah's Day in across their Instagram pages and most memorable photo's.

"I created these presets to allow my followers the opportunity to take their photography to a new level. Post production and editing process can be overwhelming at first. I have designed my presets to make that process easier, with one click and slight adjustment your images will change right before your eyes!" Kjtilse.


  1. You must have the Lightroom App downloaded to your mobile phone. Create an account and keep in mind these presets only work on the phone app.

  2. On purchase you will receive link to download the presets. Download the folder to your computer and transfer the files within the folder to your phone. You have 24 hours to download the contents before they expire!

  3. Price is USD - Due to conversion rates this price may vary depending on your country’s currency

  4. Once downloaded to unzip the folder double click or right click unzip. Within are installation instructions, how to use and install the presets to the Lightroom phone App.

  5. Not every image will work with each preset you may have to adjust the the levels of the preset to receive the desired result

  6. Due to the presets being a digital download there is a STRICT NO REFUND POLICY!

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